An auctioneer never retires, especially when he loves people this much.


Auctioneer Harold Betthauser has been commanding auctions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 50 years. BID CALLER is a portrait of the personalities, nostalgia, and collectibles that embody he and his wife Marilyn’s weekly estate auctions. The film explores the impermanence of material items and their significance within the human experience. Wisconsin personalities provide the film with levity and humor as darker themes of material and sentimental loss provide contrast in dissonance. During production we filmed interviews with auctioneers, collectors, auction employees, buyers/sellers, and more. Shot in January 2019, BID CALLER will premiere at the 2021 Milwaukee Film Festival.


David Van Auken


Originally from Prairie Village, Kansas, David studied cultural anthropology at Northern Arizona University.  Recently graduating from a video production program in Portland, Oregon, David utilizes his education in Anthropology and hands on training in Video Production to craft compelling stories that are culturally based.

Robert Delahanty


For the past 25 years Rob has worked as a still photographer for various Magazines and Ad campaigns. With his first love always being moving pictures, in recent years he’s put his expertise with still images into motion as a cinematographer.


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